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How to Participate


Become a Member to be part of the Chile-ASEAN transformation and obtain the following benefits as of 2019:

  • Business Matching and access to contact networks (of embassies, chambers of commerce, associations and companies).

  • Promotion of your company in the network of the Chamber.

  • Information on business opportunities.

  • Information data base regarding ASEAN countries.

  • Access and preferential prices for the solutions offered.

  • Inclusion of your company’s services in the solutions portfolio.

  • Inclusion of your company’s products in the export catalog

  • Participation in commercial missions.

  • Invitations to private networking events.


Be part of our sponsor network and participate with an annual fee or sponsor individual events.


You will be able to obtain:


Podrá obtener:

  • Branding and positioning for your company via our networks, channels, written and digital materials.

  • Talks and/or private presentations upon request

  • Adversiting in our digital channels and newsletters

  • Special invitations to events

  • The possibility of becoming a speaker at our events

  • An annual standard membership


Contribute to the Chamber as an Advisor or by providing ad honorem services to the Chamber and obtain an honorary membership.


Presidents and Directors of Business Associations partnered with our Chamber are also invited to join as Honorary Directors.

Why Participate?


  • Encourage and support foreign trade and investment between Chile and ASEAN.

  • Create a permanent platform to channel the business needs of Chilean companies to the ASEAN region.

  • Attract ASEAN companies to Latin America through links with local companies.

  • Generate new business opportunities in specialized areas and in entrepreneurship (startups).

  • Facilitate foreign trade among SMEs.

  • Promote cultural, human exchange and technology transfer.

  • Bring together all public and private actors in Chile-ASEAN relations.


  • Access to an active network of contacts of relevant companies, chambers of commerce and associations, embassies and their commercial offices, government entities and other organizations.

  • Connection with ASEAN companies for trade, services, investment, tourism and other collaborations.

  • News and communications about new opportunities, including commercial and investment.

  • ASEAN trade, investment, tourism and culture events, seminars and fairs.

  • Rounds of business to and from Chile and the ASEAN countries.

  • Work Committees to promote cultural, human and knowledge exchange.

  • Solutions developed by the members of the Chamber.

Who Can Participate?


Individual businesspersons and entrepreneurs and people who are interested in exploring ASEAN as a market and as a destination for collaboration.


From SMEs to large companies, ASEAN offers an attractive market in:

  • Foreign trade

  • Services

  • Tourism

  • Distribution

  • Representation of brands and companies

  • Franchises

  • Investment


Public and private organizations in Chile and ASEAN that seek to create strategic alliances

Membership Plans


The Founding Members of the Chamber are the companies that manage the Chamber and define its objectives and strategic guidelines.


They have the right to speak and vote, can elect and participate in the Board of Directors, chair work committees and make decisions in all Assemblies.


Standard members have full access to the benefits of the Chamber and can share their opinions in general assemblies.


They can also be part of the work committees in addition to offering their services to members.

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