The Kingdom of Cambodia is a highly agrarian country that is in the process of stabilizing and developing its economy. The country began its transformation from a planned to a liberal economy at the end of the 1980s, managing to accelerate its growth and reaching the status of low-middle income level according to the World Bank.


Cambodia exports a large part of its production to the United States, consisting mainly of clothing, clothing and shoes. In recent years, the tourism sector has also taken on great importance, but the agricultural industry continues to generate the largest contribution to the country's GDP (about a third), and employs more than 40% of its population. The country has begun to develop policies to attract foreign investment and free trade agreements to improve its business environment. Its low levels of taxes with respect to the region are also contributing to increase its attractiveness as an investment destination.


​In terms of business relationships, it is essential to have a local partner in Cambodia, since personal relationships are key to the establishment and success of businesses in the country.


A curious fact: The official biographer of the former Cambodian monarch, Norodom Sihanouk, the Chilean Julio A. Jeldres . Chileans are everywhere.


16.2 million



22.16 billion


GDP Growth rate:


(2018 forecast)

General Information

Main languages:

Khmer (Official), French


Phnom Penh

Key cities: 

Ta Khmau, Battambang


Riel (KHR)

Main religion: 


Economic Composition

Cambodia is a LOW-MIDDLE income FRONTIER economy.

Why Cambodia?

  • Frontier economy with a growing domestic consumer market

  • High sustained growth

  • Important tourist destination

  • Booming real estate market​

Main Industries



Clothing manufacturing

High growth Sectors

Real estate


Clothing manufacturing

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