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Connecting you with South East Asia, the world's fastest growing region

Companies in Chile and ASEAN can work together in multiple areas:

  • Importers of goods and/or services

  • Exporters of goods and/or services

  • Trading or Brokering

  • Representation / Distribution

  • Franchisees

  • Investors / Partners / investment recipients

  • Suppliers of foreign trade services

  • Local assistance providers (support services for Chile, LATAM and ASEAN)

There are a great number of ASEAN companies that seek to buy, sell and invest with Latin America. In this context, Chile is uniquely positioned to gather and work with this interest. Therefore, Chile is to ASEAN a potential:

  • Business partner

  • Gateway to Latin America

  • Platform for preferential access to international markets

  • Investment Destination

  • Tourism Destination

Opportunity Areas

Foreign Trade

Chile today exports only 275 products to ASEAN, with the potential to export 3,365 more products.

Chile today imports 1,605 ASEAN products, with the potential to import 2,852 more products

Opportunities to export SERVICES and participate in global value chains, especially in agriculture, aquaculture, finance and securities, engineering and design, mining and ITC.


Tourism, as a key driver of cultural exchange and people, presents a series of opportunities for companies interested in participating in this growing industry.

On the one hand ASEAN is increasingly a tourist destination from Chile and Latin America and on the other hand, there is interest in developing high value tourism in that region and also investing in Chile. In 2018, Bangkok city (Thailand) became the most visited city on the planet.


With economies resistant to global adverse circumstances, ASEAN is a center for global investments.

Since 2014, this region attracts more FDI than China and in 2017, total FDI reached USD 137 billion.

There are government incentives for FDI in numerous sectors, including Manufacturing, Agriculture, Services and Advanced Technology (Economy 4.0).

International Collaborations


Our regions face common challenges. It is possible to develop initiatives to face these challenges in the areas of:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Gender

  • Education

  • Mobility of human capital

  • Technology transfer

  • Culture

ASEAN offers an emerging and diverse market, which together totals more than 650 million inhabitants, surpassing the population of Latin America, North America or Europe. It has a young and growing population with an expansive and urbanizing middle class.

ASEAN is for Chile a dynamic region, with consumers, labor, manufacturing, resources, and knowledge. Today is the time to trade and invest.


Chile has signed trade agreements with 6 ASEAN countries: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam and is making progress to sign a trade agreement the Philippines


Several of the ASEAN countries seek to attract foreign companies and have strong incentives for investment. Both Southeast Asia and Latin America are complementary regions in terms of needs and resources, and Chile through its Trade Agreements, Free Trade Zones and its socio-economic stability, is an ideal bridge for ASEAN companies to enter Latin American markets.


Since 1962 Chile has had diplomatic relations with Southeast Asia. On July 24, 2016, Chile adhered to ASEAN's 'Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation', becoming the first Spanish-speaking country to sign such an agreement, strengthening relations and opening the way for new opportunities.

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