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As a result of the multidisciplinary expertise of the founding members, the Work Committees are established to promote the exchange in the areas that most interest the partners. The committees of the Chamber are:

Foreign Trade Committee

This committee seeks to facilitate, promote and highlight foreign trade opportunities between Chile and Southeast Asia. With a strong focus on SMEs, who today only participate in 2% of Chilean exports, it seeks to facilitate access to markets and enhance expanded relationships, which allows importing and exporting in volume. They work within three verticals:

    Over 50% of Chile’s foreign trade is concentrated in goods in only two economies: China and the US. Therefore, the Foreign Trade Committee seeks to diversify Chile's business partners and target markets that present new opportunities in price, quality and variety of goods.



    Chile today has a policy to promote the export of services but the focus remains on traditional markets (USA and Europe). The challenge is to create opportunities and facilitate the export of Chilean services to ASEAN. The sectors that stand out for export from Chile include engineering, architecture, biomedicine, audiovisual, ICT and video games.
    The services exported by Chile and the ASEAN countries are complementary. Chile has a service economy: 63.7% of GDP and 2/3 of the labor force. However, Chilean services exports barely reach USD $10 billion. ASEAN is an exemplary model for the worldwide export of services. Singapore is 8th in the world and Thailand 18th. In turn, 5 ASEAN countries are within the top 8 countries of the world for global services, while Chile is the 9th (according to an A.T. Kearney ranking). The latter highlights once again the importance of Chile as a bridging economy between ASEAN companies and Latin American markets.




Investment Committee

The Investment Committee aims to make visible, articulate and promote investment opportunities between Chile and the ASEAN countries. Three types of investments stand out::

  1. Direct Investments / Joint ventures

  2. Portfolio Investments

  3. Investments of High Complexity 



Tourism and Culture Committee

This committee aims to contribute to the competitiveness of the tourism sector, promoting its development with special emphasis on regional SMEs. This committee also seeks to expand opportunities in new areas such as medical tourism in Southeast Asia and astro-tourism in Chile.


The committee also participates in cultural matters and initiatives of different ASEAN embassies



International Collaborations Committee

Committee responsible for generating and promoting exchange and collaboration between Chilean and Southeast Asian entities in all types of areas that can directly contribute to the increase of productivity, development and competitiveness. Although the areas of concentration are mostly of a non-commercial nature, the committee acts as a forum for dialogue and activities to convert different topics into engines of country development and for the support of Chilean and Southeast Asian companies and entities. Key areas include:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship,

  • Academics and exchanges,

  • Ciencia y Tecnología,

  • Science and technology,

  • Sustainability and the environment,

  • Training and mobility,

  • Social development and equality.



Regional Committee

Committee responsible for extending the opportunities and benefits of the Chamber to partners located in regions throughout Chile, as well as generating ties with regional and provincial governments and chambers. Given that the deepening gap between citizens and the integration process is a cause for concern, the participation of the regions in all the important issues is a way to reduce this distance.


Communications Committee


Committee responsible for promoting, directing and coordinating the communication of the work of the Chamber with the public and its target audiences. We work in two verticals:






Administration and Training Committee

Committee in charge of supporting internal management and new member training.

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